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Last update Monday March 3, 2024


We are updating our STATEMENT OF CIRCULATION based on 2023 activity. We are proud to say we have a steady following of 36,000 visitors. Unlike a printed newspaper, our circulation is a more difficult calculus involving page loads, unique visits, first time visits, and returning visits.

We do not accept advertising to offset cost of operations. We are grateful for news tips and submissions for our news, commentary, and editorial pages. Thank you for continuing to spread the word of our reporting of important issues in Geauga, Lake, and Portage Counties. It is through your continued interest and awareness that residents can become and stay informed on issues that impact all of us.

This website is self-funded and the staff is entirely voluntary. We are proud to serve our community.

For comments and questions email  auburn@wiwfarm.com. All correspondence not marked as private may be subject to publication in Letters to Editor.

Guest editorials are accepted and may be mailed to auburn@wiwfarm.com. Submissions for publication must be verifiable or have documentation that can be verified.

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